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About Us

Sierra Spray Painting Ltd. was established in 1996, our goal was to service the manufacturing industry with special requirements for “coating finishes” as well as other processes. Sierra over the years has achieved these goals both in innovation and custom design for process abilities. Sierra Spray Painting Ltd. is a full finishing Paint application facility specializing in “custom wet and powder coatings” for the Military & Aerospace industries.

Sierra has a proven history of meeting the high demands and stringent lead times for the Aerospace industry requirements. Sierra has achieved our AS9100 standard following strict quality control procedures. For the last two years Sierra has completed work for a large majority of the major manufactures in the Aerospace industry with full approvals (see approval list) for their painting processes. Our proven successful history, along with obtaining the prestigious AS9100 certification is allowing our company to reach our goals as an industry leader.


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Please contact our office for any further information or schedule a site meeting of our facility. We are available by phone at 905 951-6313, or via e-mail at info@sierraspray.com or visit our website via www.sierraspray.com
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